About The Game

Beat Bot Commandos is a Metroidvania RPG Beat-em-Up Shooter. As reactivated guardian robots of a long-dilapidated alien empire, you must fight malevolent forces to reclaim the Masterbeat and regain control of the diminished Beat Bot Federation.

Couch Co-op

Order some pizza, grab a soda and a controller and conquer the galaxy with your friends, from your living room!  When you play coop you’ll be able to revive your friends, access secret areas that are not accessible without teammates and combine abilities!

Unique Combat

The Commando robots you’ll choose from all come equipped with unique weapons and abilities which can be combined with teammates’ abilities to create new attack and compliment each other’s play style.  With light RPG elements built into each character you can even tank, heal or just do good ol’ fashioned damage.

Immersive Story

Story telling is an important part of Beat Bot Commandos.  You’ll become immersed in the story of the Beat Bot Federation through interactive events and sequential art pieces.